I am q-o-o-p

I am a Thai based Digital Marketing specialized in branding and design.
Take a look at my work and if you like it I would love to hear from you!

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Here is a list of things I can do for you

Online Advertising

  • Buying and Planing Google Ads / Facebook Ads etc.
  • Content distribution and delivery services for high-performance to the right target
  • Media campaign showing Estimated Target Reach / Report

Digital Campaign Management

  • Create Action plan
  • Spread out content and product
  • Design digital campaign communication
  • Event & Monthly Report

Website/App Development

  • produce tasteful and effective solutions
  • Handle & manages production vendors
  • Monitoring & control of content

Digital CRM Management

  • Monitoring Prospect need
  • Managing Complain received via Digital CRM Channel
  • Escalate cases to Client
  • Daily report

VDO Production

  • Create and Edit a VDO production
  • Social Viral Clip
  • Presentation

Report & Consultancy

  • Design & advise digital communication flow
  • Yearly marketing plan alignment
  • Quarterly marketing plan

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